Whether we've had a really bad day or a pretty awesome one there's always something that will either cheer us up when we get home or make our days even better. Everybody's comfort thing is different and can be something like eating a tub of ice cream or going rollerblading through the park or snuggling up in your warm and cozy bed to read.

However, there is one thing in this world that we turn to when we're in a lot of different moods that is pretty universal: watching movies. You can be in a good mood, a bad mood, an angry mood, a sickly mood, a depressed mood, a sensual mood, etc. Whatever your mood is there's a movie that will suit it because of all the different genres of movies there are.

Did you just break up with your girlfriend and want to let some steam out without actually exerting yourself by going to the gym? You can always pop in a DVD of your favorite Patrick Swayze action movie, perhaps Road House, and get yourself pumped up through all the fight scenes and high levels of testosterone flying around.

On the complete opposite spectrum, if you've just gotten into a new relationship or have become quite smitten with a special somebody and want the good mood to continue once you get home and are away from their presence you should look through your Blu-ray collection and pick out your favorite romance or romantic comedy film. Be warned though that a romance film will probably get you in the mood to call up your special someone to come enjoy a romantic night in while watching some light and fluffy romantic vibes taking place on screen.

Movies can make us feel pretty much whatever way we want to feel. If we want to laugh we can watch a comedy, if we want to feel depressed or let out a good cry we can watch a drama, if we want to feel inspired then a coming-of-age drama is in order, if we have a hankering to learn about a certain historical moment then a period piece film is the way to go.

Sometimes, however, you might go into a film expecting one thing but come out with a different emotion altogether. That's what movies are all about. An action-adventure movie like Armageddon has you believing that you're about to be in for a sci-fi adventure but instead it sucks you in with the relationships the characters have with each other on screen and before you know it you're crying during an adventure flick! (definition of Science Fiction)

The best movies can do that to you no matter the genre. Be it a detective film, a crime movie, a documentary, a musical, a sports film, an animated children's movie, a fantasy movie, a science-fiction flick, a family film, a biographical movie, a comedy movie, a spoof or satire film, a horror movie, a western or a thriller, movies are meant to let you escape your current everyday life and be swept up into a completely different world.

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