Most movies can easily be divided up into categories - known as genres - depending on how they make us feel, how the story goes, and what elements come together to make up the movie. Whether the film features Vincent Van Gogh at home or a space pirate investigating a murder, it should be able to fall under one or more popular film genres. Here's a list of common genres and their requirements.


Any film that has a lot of shooting, escapes, or things blowing up in it is probably an action movie. Action movies make us tense and excited and the good guys always win, even if the bad guys have better cable cutter tools like the ones here. Some famous action movies include Die Hard and Indiana Jones.


Comedies are movies that are designed to make us laugh and feel good, so they almost always have happy endings and make light of our common problems, like love, friendship, and even Cremation & Celebrations ideas, if you can believe it. Some famous comedies include Office Space and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.


Drama is a broad category that encompasses most serious movies that can't be filed under another genre. Dramas make us think and sometimes make us sad, because they don't always have happy endings. Some famous dramas include The English Patient and Witness.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Science fiction and fantasy movies imagine what life would be like if we had one of two things - advanced technology (science fiction) or magic (fantasy). Many people like to watch them when they get bored of the mundane. These types of movies can be set in the present, past, or future and also fall into any other category. Some famous science fiction and fantasy movies include Star Wars and the Lord of the Rings.


Family movies are designed to appeal to children, so they often have simple themes, like sharing or friendship, and no swearing or violence. Many are animated and are designed to appeal to both kids and adults. Some famous family movies include Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Lion King.

Thriller and Horror

Thriller and horror movies are designed to make us see the scary side of everyday life, whether it's checking out an empty condo for sale in Surrey, BC or babysitting the neighbor's kid. Horror stories almost always end badly for the main character. Some famous thriller and horror movies include the Pelican Brief and the Exorcist.

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