You don't need to be an award winning filmmaker like Noah Baumbach or Wes Anderson to make your own movies. No, it's true! Believe us when we say the only thing you need to make your own home movies is a willingness to shoot lots of film and a video camera. That's about it really. Of course it all depends on the types of movies you want to make and how ambitious you are. If you plan on making an action packed thriller set in your condominium rental you might need some more equipment like a tripod, special lenses and editing software.

If all you want to do is capture those special family moments that happen in and outside of your home then a video camera is all you'll need. It used to be really expense to buy video cameras that you could use whenever you wanted to film your son's birthday party or your daughter's graduation ceremony but that's no longer the case. Video cameras today, even high definition video cameras, are affordable and come in a wide range of models to suit every filmmakers needs.

Most people looking to buy a video camera to take with them on vacation or to the pet vet don't need all the bells and whistles that the high end video cameras on the market today come with and most don't even know how to use those features. That's why electronics manufacturers and retailers have started producing and selling video cameras that are equipped with less features but still perform the basic function of recording video that any novice filmmaker will know how to navigate.

Creating your own homes movies that you can watch for years to come is something that most people want to have access to and be able to do and with a good video camera you can do just that. If you're unsure of what type of video camera you should purchase you should make your way to the nearest electronics store near your home and talk to a knowledgeable video camera sales person. Tell them what it is you want out of a video camera, what you plan on shooting, how experienced you are with video cameras and what your budget is. From there they will be able to hook you up with the perfect camera and you can then start shooting all the home movies of your friends, family members and even your broker co-workers at your real estate office, your heart desires!

Eventually you might want to look into purchasing editing software such as Final Cut that you can install onto your computer that will allow you to use special effects to edit your videos with but for now just focus on getting a video camera and capturing all the precious family moments you can!

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