If you don't consider yourself a major movie buff and the only movies you leave your property to go see are the ones that involve pratfalls and physical comedy because you enjoy laughing at a person slipping on a banana peel repeatedly then you probably don't have much of an appreciation for genre movies.

That's a shame though because you're missing out on some pretty awesome movies! Hopefully you have friends willing to take you to genre movies outside of your comfort zone that will open up your eyes to a whole new set of films you would have never considered taking a break from going over your results from your Albany home mold inspection report on your own accord to go see. One of the most common film genres that many people don't consider their favorite is sci-fi.

Science fiction films tend to get a bad rap in the film community because many believe you have to be a hardcore science lover and geek to appreciate a good science fiction film. That line of thinking couldn't be any further from the truth. It would be like saying that you can't get into Group of Seven artwork because you don't feel like you can appreciate the way landscapes are portrayed in their artwork. Just because it's not your thing doesn't mean that it can't be if you don't give it a try.

We feel that line of thinking can also be applied to science fiction movies and that if you were to give sci-fi films a shot you might come to like them. If you don't know a whole lot about sci-fi films here's what you can expect out of them if you find yourself getting roped into seeing one with co-workers:
-Thought provoking stories that explore a range of topics such as known and unknown worlds, which can include anything from other dimensions to alien worlds.
-Known and unknown time periods such as the past, future and alternative history.
-Advanced technology and scientific discoveries that covers topics in the fields of medicine like new virus cures, biology such as alien lifeforms, robots, time machines and virtual reality.
-A complex number of social issues such as utopian societies.

Science fiction films also tend to love debating about social issue themes like what it means for us to be human or how much of an affect technology plays on society and individuals. There is so much imagination involved in science fiction movies and that means there are times when you are going to have to suspend your beliefs for the sake of the story. If it's a good movie you wont' have any problem doing that but if it's a bad science fiction film you'd rather watch bands be made than the schlock you're watching on screen.

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